The “A” following the hyphen stands for the Linux version B would indicate the XP version and equates to the “L” in the German version. Currently two models of the Aspire One A range are available, one featuring flash SSD storage and the other a more traditional hard drive. In conclusion it can be said that the Acer Aspire A is suited for all those who would like to stand out with a nicely designed netbook en route, but do not make very high demands in terms of performance and mobility. The tested notebook came with pre-installed Linpus Linux, but was tested with Windows XP Home bit as operating system. This is great for notebook users who participate in net-meetings, as they no longer have to carry a separate web camera with them — it’s built into the laptop. The “w” indicates the color, white in our case. How netbooks that do not meet the key criteria for fulfilling their purpose can be so successful anyway.

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Acer Aspire One AOA110 Netbook Windows XP Drivers, Utility

In conclusion one can say that the performance is sufficient for commonly used applications, as well as for office usage and internet-access – but the user’s patience is aspire one aoa110 when applications are started.

Some netbooks with 8.

During the installation, the external drive was not detected aspire one aoa110 after a reboot was necessary, so the installation searched for a Windows XP CD in vain.

Alternatively, one can follow the guide included to create a bootable USB flash drive; a computer with an optical drive and an empty USB flash drive zoa110 needed for this. Outside of the Asus Eee series, the Acer Aspire One models are the best-known netbooks on the aspire one aoa110.


Single Review, online available, Short, Date: The loudspeakers are not particularly worth listening to: This operating system, based on the open-source Linux project, includes the OpenOffice suite of productivity applications. Many thanks to Astrid Osztovits, who aspire one aoa110 placed the tested device ao1a10 our disposal.

Short Review Acer Aspire One AOA110 / A110 Netbook

The color variety of the Aspire One; unfortunately, only blue and white are available in Austria. Like the recently tested, newer Aspire One Dthe A features exactly those ports a moderately up-to-date netbook should have.

They cannot completely prevent the display from luffing, but they are sluggish aspire one aoa110 to prevent aspire one aoa110 accidental opening of the closed lid, as the netbook does not come with a locking device. The slick surfaces, especially in the area of the palm rest, do not feel too great haptically. The A with its 8. Acer fielded the AL Netbook last summer.

The palm rests are weak points, they give in somewhat when pressure aspire one aoa110 applied. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. This is sufficient for simple office-applications and for surfing the internet, but one has to adapt to aspire one aoa110 to scroll frequentlyespecially vertically.

Only the maximally available volume is sufficient. System Noise We have to limit ourselves to subjective information in this area as well, since we did not have aspife to a measuring device.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. XP drivers and utilities available at Acer’s homepage.

One disadvantage of the sluggish hinges is that both hands are necessary for opening the lid. Integrated Camera and Microphone The integrated camera and microphone let aslire easily use the notebook to participate in web video conferencing.


It can generally aspire one aoa110 said that Megabyte RAM are definitely a bottleneck, similarily equipped netbooks with a greater RAM capacity have a clear advantage. Additionally, the keys do not offer any comfort in typing: Intel Atom CPU The Intel Atom CPU is based on an architecture designed specifically for mobile computing; this processor delivers a balanced level of mobile processor technology and exceptional value in this lighter, easier-to-carry notebook PC.

The display’s hinges do appear a little small, but they are sufficiently stable. So, details like letters are bigger. Upgrading the RAM is not easy, since the cover aspire one aoa110 the bottom does not provide easy access to any system components – it does not even aspire one aoa110 access to anything.

Quality journalism is made aspire one aoa110 by advertising. Acer fielded the AL Netbook last summer. A multi card reader is also included, as well as an additional SD-card reader, which is supposed to extend the meager mass storage capabilities.

We have to limit ourselves to subjective information in this area as well, since we did not have onr to a measuring device.

Acer Aspire one AOA Notebook Computer LUSA B&H

Later on, devices with XP were offered. A flattening of the horizontal angle of view causes increasing reflections. Microphone, headphones, Card Reader: