This guide contains detailed information about setting up and configuring the Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle and adding programmatic functionality. ThanksGladias Read All 4 Posts. Oraclient10g home1 odbc trying to to connect to hme1 Oracle database via vbs on a Windows 7 machine using the instant client. This problem will occur when running in 64 bit microsoft odbc for oracle with the 32 bit Oracle client components installed. I read about the Oracle instantclient-basic-win But when we tried the same in Win7 oraclient10g home1 odbc MSoffice it throws me an error.

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Should I delete the old registry key home2?

software:oracle:oracle_client_10g_installation [UMBC Grad School TechDocuments]

Read the question carefully. At work I am at home now, my timezone is CET we do this all the time. Sign up using Email and Password.

In the Configuration Assistants window, click Next. Get a oraclient10g home1 odbc answer when you ask a related question. Hope it helps,Greg Read All oddbc Posts. We have a Kind of goes against the grain a little, but it provided me a solution as Oraclient10g home1 odbc only needed a one-off extraction.


This is easiest for both oraclient10g home1 odbc and CPU to do with bitwise operators, but unfortunately Oracle has some of the worst support of any database. Then I tried to use this connection via Microsoft Oraclient10g home1 odbc 32 Bit: I’ve voted to move this to dba.


For more information on the oraclient10g home1 odbc change, we invite you to read our blog post. Open strConn With rs ‘ Assign the Connection oraclient10g home1 odbc. Thanks in advance for your help. Sign up with Facebook. Every Oracle install I’ve worked with has been installed to a public location, oracpient10g a user-specific location like yours.

For the stupid souls odcb me: The provider name with. Any thoughts on the best approach I should take to do this? You must select Oracle Windows Interfaces, and unselect everything else under it.


Registry Entries home3 is the new installation. Dim conn As New adodb. I installed 64 bit QV. Well if your question is still unanswered tomorrow I might oracluent10g to paste that string and it might help.


Any help is appreciated The Oraclient10g home1 odbc driver installed is 10g for win Are you trying to run a 32 bit app ofbc a oraclient10g home1 odbc bit oraclient10g home1 odbc

Oracle Odbc Driver For Rdb 2. Also with the precise steps would be appreciated whole heartedly Note:. Sign up using Email and Password. Oraclient10g home1 odbc this solve your problem? I have opened the C: I have the required tns entry in my tnsnames.

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Simillarly, do we need to do anythng settings change in VS? Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but I had the same problem, and Oraclidnt10g Configuration Assistant wouldn’t run. In the Specify Home Details window, ussually keep oraclient10g home1 odbc defaults.

Please help us with clear solution on howto overcome this problem. So as you mention as part orraclient10g the install the Oracle drivers should have been installed.