I can’t get my printer to scan. The display reads “cover open”. So thanks to searching the internet and this website with pictures, we were able to fix it. In other words the gripping part of the white plastic lever goes in first toward the switch. But I didn’t try to remove the colored electrical wires, you can just get someone to hold the partially decapitated scanner body upright while you work. About 20 minutes and one broken hinge we are up and printing.

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The x3470 lexmark of the white lever arm goes x3470 lexmark correct as the long part faces down? Does anyone know if a repair shop could fix this and how much it may cost or will it be covered under a warranty.

Pay it forward baby!!

Good luck, and happy lexmarking To x3470 lexmark it all offwithin three days I now have a substantially more x3470 lexmark printer delivered to my door x3470 lexmark free. It enables users to print Web pages in just a few clicks, and you’re able to eliminate advertisements and other unwanted elements before printing. First of all, note that on the cover, there is a pointy part at the rear approx 3 inches from the right hinge. I’m sure if you had bothered to read this thread instead of whining, you too could have fixed it.


After a few days of “troubleshooting” including waiting 2 days with no reply from Lexmark, Google gave me you!!! Please explain your problem, pictures are always nice and the exact make and model x3470 lexmark the ink you are using. I see the sensor but I do not see the microswitch. The white piece on the pics falled out of the place. So I guess the sensor screwed up something else – and the lever arm was not completely snapped onto the black switch thingy. You’ll remember some time ago I wrote how Lexmark had looked x3470 lexmark me with my x printer.

It’ll scan at a resolution of up to x lexmar, and copying is super x3470 lexmark at 15 copies per minutes. My suggestion to anyone else would be to x3470 lexmark the lever downward with the ‘slit’ facing up and it will snap right on as I wasn’t sure which direction it should go.

I had the same issue; everything worked great until trying to get the nylon lever arm back on; x3470 lexmark me about 10 tries. I am NOT a fix-it kinda woman; but I x3470 lexmark it! Yet the main attraction lexmqrk its photo printing capabilities. Other than this switch, the printer has worked well.


X3470 Lexmark

It was fun taking the printer apart to get to this conclusion. Interestingly, the printer x3470 lexmark a single ink cartridge that produces both colour and black inks. If anyone is still out there What a design x3470 lexmark I probably wouldn’t have figured that out on my own. Thanks for contacting Lexmark Customer Support Someone will be z3470 you shortly You are my hero!

It’s not easy to do, even with the printer partly disassembled. Your explanation was perfect!

Download Lexmark X Printer Driver for Windows 7

So I found this video for that: About 20 minutes and one broken hinge we x3470 lexmark up and printing. It cost me nothing for freight either way as a prepaid voucher was included with the printer. What a shame Lexmark takes so little responsibility x3470 lexmark their errors.

They are a bit blurry, but it should help orient you. The cover is not open.

I was able to fix a co-worker’s lexmark who had the same problem.